• Understanding You

    I am my father.

    Everything that annoys me about my dad I tend to do to other people. I find it funny that I get annoyed with myself. There is no explanation for how that works. But I  know my dad and I always have to have our way. I can never again complain about the things he does wrong because I will do it and sometimes worse. He is more charming when he convinces people and I use all of my emotions. I can never deny DNA because everything he does I do too. So my complaints about my father make no sense because we are the share we just have different ways…

  • Things That Bother Me Badly

    Molestation Jokes Aren’t Funny. Period.

    I don’t know rather or not it’s the age difference but people over 45 see the world completely different than people under 45. Things don’t stick with them the same way. Or another way to put it they are not bothered by the same things younger people are. The #MeToo moment has became a big thing for a very obvious reason. Women are starting to speak up against sexual abuse. After being silent for years they finally have a voice. I am one of these women. So when someone makes a passive joke about molestation it bothers me. Because it’s not just a joke it is something that has happen…

  • Things That Bother Me Badly,  Understanding You

    I’m Not A Snob. I Have OCD.

    I can’t explain myself anymore. People who don’t understand OCD don’t get why I turn up my nose at the sight of their dirty house. I can’t help but show my emotion on my face as I have to eat off of partly cleaned plates. I can’t get those thoughts out of my mind. I decide not to eat or to drink. I only keep to myself not wanting to hug or touch anyone. People get so offended. Unfortunately, these things are hard to explain to others. I know that it’s not really them, but they don’t know that. They don’t know that dirt on my skin irritates me. They…

  • A Day in the Life,  Anxiety,  Things I Like

    No Anxiety Medicine

    Since my dose on my anti-depressant was upped I have no need for my anxiety medicine as much. I used to take it twice a day but now I’m down to one. It’s feels great. You all know I don’t like taking my meds. I don’t like taking medicine period. I also don’t like the way it tastes. But since I see the results I feel better about it. Before I was too reliant on my anxiety medicine to the point I couldn’t go without it. It makes me sleepy, so when I want to get some rest I use it to knock me out. It’s like Benadryl for me.

  • A Day in the Life,  Things I Like

    A Little Wine Is Okay

    I drink sometimes. I just have a glass of wine or some margarita mix. I never drink too much to get wasted. I never want that feeling and I’ve heard it’s horrible. I try to drink when I feel fine and have a healthy state of mind. I never drink when I’m upset. I love Moscato. It’s my favorite wine. I enjoy that with some popcorn and then I have it, the perfect tv night.

  • A Day in the Life

    They Upped My Meds

    Recently I got my medicine upped. It wasn’t a shock. I knew my meds were strong enough even though I had them upped once before. Recently I’ve been calm, very calm. I didn’t realize this was a thing. If this is what other people feel like, I needed this a long time ago. What I like the best it is that it keeps me asleep. I have trouble sleeping so this is perfect. This is a big change talking positively about my medicine. I had been fighting it since the beginning, but now I’m starting to see the good that can come out of it. I guess I can say…

  • A Day in the Life

    I Like To Feel Pretty

    I like to get my hair done, nails done, and put my makeup on. Things that make me feel pretty make me feel wonderful on the inside. Now I don’t have to have all these things all at the same time. When I get my nails done, I feel fabulous and the best part is I get compliments. My nails have cute designs and crystals that shine on my fingers. Sometimes I get artwork sometimes I keep it simple, but I need my nails to be done. I always get a super girly color, but it’s always cute. I get my nails done every two weeks. As far as my…

  • Things I Like

    TV Is Good For You

    TV can be nostalgic and nostalgia can help people feel good and calm. I recently saw a Shirley Temple DVD commercial that put me in a great mood. I remember watching it all the time when I was a kid and I used to sing along just as I did when I saw it again. Most of the time I watch old tv shows. Before the huge controvesary, The Cosby Show was one of my favorites. I loved that family and they still hold a dear place in my heart. The show would come on at Nick @ Nite and they would play a few episodes. I would watch it…

  • Understanding You

    Learning From A Breakdown

    When I was all in my feelings the other day I learned something new about myself. Most of the time after a breakdown I would feel down, depressed, and embarrassed, but today I didn’t. I learned that you can control your emotions. You can choose rather or not you want to be upset or happy. Not every situation has to end badly. Yesterday was an example of me taking things to personal. In life, you have to learn how to brush things off and move on. It hurts to hear this. Actually, it hurts to even say it, but it’s true. Know that you are not the only one who…

  • A Day in the Life

    Friends, They Are Great!

    As much as I like to be alone, every so often you want someone to talk to other than yourself. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are great. They listen and understand me. When we argue we understand each other’s point of view. For me, it’s hard to keep friends, but I realize that the people who I befriend never had my best interest at heart. People who truly love you think of you first. They don’t just think about how they benefit. When you find a friend that treats you right don’t take advantage of them. You may just not find another…