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    No Anxiety Medicine

    Since my dose on my anti-depressant was upped I have no need for my anxiety medicine as much. I used to take it twice a day but now I’m down to one. It’s feels great. You all know I don’t like taking my meds. I don’t like taking medicine period. I also don’t like the way it tastes. But since I see the results I feel better about it. Before I was too reliant on my anxiety medicine to the point I couldn’t go without it. It makes me sleepy, so when I want to get some rest I use it to knock me out. It’s like Benadryl for me.

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    A Little Wine Is Okay

    I drink sometimes. I just have a glass of wine or some margarita mix. I never drink too much to get wasted. I never want that feeling and I’ve heard it’s horrible. I try to drink when I feel fine and have a healthy state of mind. I never drink when I’m upset. I love Moscato. It’s my favorite wine. I enjoy that with some popcorn and then I have it, the perfect tv night.

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    They Upped My Meds

    Recently I got my medicine upped. It wasn’t a shock. I knew my meds were strong enough even though I had them upped once before. Recently I’ve been calm, very calm. I didn’t realize this was a thing. If this is what other people feel like, I needed this a long time ago. What I like the best it is that it keeps me asleep. I have trouble sleeping so this is perfect. This is a big change talking positively about my medicine. I had been fighting it since the beginning, but now I’m starting to see the good that can come out of it. I guess I can say…

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    Learning From A Breakdown

    When I was all in my feelings the other day I learned something new about myself. Most of the time after a breakdown I would feel down, depressed, and embarrassed, but today I didn’t. I learned that you can control your emotions. You can choose rather or not you want to be upset or happy. Not every situation has to end badly. Yesterday was an example of me taking things to personal. In life, you have to learn how to brush things off and move on. It hurts to hear this. Actually, it hurts to even say it, but it’s true. Know that you are not the only one who…

  • Healthy Living

    My Healthy Living

    When you start off eating healthy you question what all you can eat. The answer is everything but in moderation. I started a couple weeks ago eating only at home and cutting out most sweet drinks and fast food. I didn’t think this was possible until it was. Eating healthier is the key to having a healthy body and a healthy mind. When you eat right, you don’t worry about your weight or how you look in clothes. When I started eating better I waited until about a week to get on the scale. It didn’t move. My mom told me that eating healthier is good and all but the…

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    What Isn’t OCD?

    What is OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Not Overly Cleaning Dysfunction. I couldn’t think of anything else that was close. But it doesn’t mean cleaning all the time. I get tired of people thinking that. Cleaning can be a compulsion, but there are many more things. OCD is a mental illness that falls under anxiety but not anymore. But I don’t know what the people studying this stuff did but just know that if you have OCD you have anxiety. Anxiety can be healthy and normal when you’re facing a somewhat stressful situation. Things, like giving a big speech or taking a test, are good anxiety. Bad anxiety is forgetting rather…

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    Talk Yourself Off the Ledge

    I don’t like going to crowded places. This is mainly because of parking. I hate going somewhere and not knowing where to park. Everything in my body goes up. My anxiety is off the chain and I can’t focus on anything else but that one thing. It makes fun event downtown kind of not fun until twenty minutes into the event. Believe it or not. I get just as stressed out as when someone else is behind the wheel. If I don’t know if I can park or not, I don’t want to go. That harsh feeling in my chest and that heavyweight in my brain is not worth it.…

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    I’m Sane, but My Weight Isn’t!

    Weight gain and my medicine go hand and hand. I was anxious about taking medicine for OCD because I had heard stories about anti-depressants. Believe it or not, I was willing to just have OCD. The medicine cons weren’t worth it to me. But I was forced by my mom and therapist to take the pills. I made it clear to everyone who suggested that I take meds that if I gained weight I was not taking them. Everyone assured me that this would not be the cause. The psychiatrist informed me that yes, “it would cause an increase in appetite.” I knew that was her sugar coating weight gain,…

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    Junk Food is Evil

    Junk food is chewy, sweet, crunchy and everything right with the world. Every trip to the grocery store is a fight with myself to stay away from the Little Debbie and all her friends. If junk food where vegetables I would be getting my daily vitamins every day. There is no nutrition in a Swiss Roll, but there is happiness that comes with every bite. Junk food is fine on occasion or as a snack in your lunch. Snacking is good sometimes, but snacking is bad when you do it when you’re stressed. Stress eating can cause weight to pack on fast. Out of all the junk foods, my biggest…