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    Beginnings of a YouTuber

    Is YouTube for everyone? Well, you would have to find out for yourself if it suits you, but this is about me and my journey to becoming a YouTuber. Frankly, I didn’t want a YouTube channel. Part of the reason was that I was not into DIYs and makeup at the time when it was suggested to me. Another reason I didn’t want to YouTube was because I hated my voice on camera. This was a legit reason not to start, but it, fortunately, didn’t keep me from starting. Making a channel is easy; you do a few clicks, and before you know you it you’re done. I was too…

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    I don’t comb my hair.

    Here’s a fun fact about me. I don’t comb my hair. Weird right? I don’t like to do it, especially when I first get my hair down because it was just done. I tend to just put my bonnet on and just let my hair sit. I do this all day unless I leave the house. Then if I need my hair combed I finger comb it or do a hair flip. I’m not interested in hair. My mom does hair for a living and she is the only reason I worry about my hair as often as I do. I know that my hair needs to be moisturized and…

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    Relax and Watch YouTube

    I suffer from anxiety and depression and sometimes I need something to get my mind off what’s going in my head. A lot of times it helps to interact with people, but in case you can’t get in touch with people you can watch them online. There is a magical place called YouTube. I have been watching YouTube for a while and have many videos that bring back good memories. Every time I would stress out I would find something to watch and laugh about. There is always something to watch on YouTube. Here’s the thing, every time you’re stressed you should find your favorite thing and look it up…

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    How to Destress While Playing Video Games

    I have already talked about how videos games can help relieve stress. So why am I mentioning it again? Well because it’s true. When I’m stressed I grab my phone and play my favorite games for an hour or so. It’s relaxing because I focus on my game and forget everyone and everything else. That is possible. Sometimes we need to clear our mind and what better way than to put your focus on something else. Most of the time I play on my mobile apps. I’ll play Linda Brown: Interactive Story, Homescapes, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Kingdom Hearts Union X, and Solitaire Tri Peaks. It’s a lot of games…

  • Things I Like

    I Have the Best Lil Bro in the World

    I love having a little brother. He is the best dude in the world. He is one of my many rocks. I have three altogether. My brother Devin is a very chill person. He doesn’t say much and observes everything. He has an opinion and when you need it he gives it to you. His opinion is always honest and helpful. He makes a lot of jokes, but he is a teenager, so I can only expect so much. What I like most about him is that he listens. He tells me the truth and gives me advice as though he is my older brother. He is taller than me,…

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    My Dad My Frenemy

    Hanging out with my dad can be a lot of fun. Most of the time we joke around a lot. We have a language that no one else really understands. My mom doesn’t really understand us. One thing I realized about my dad and I are that we are the same person. We think similarly and both need to have our way. This can be problematic because me and my dad have different anxieties. Our personalities clash all the time for this one reason. My dad’s OCD natures of keeping everything messes with my OCD of wanting everything to be organized and clean. I sometimes get so irritated with him.…

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    A Little Wine Is Okay

    I drink sometimes. I just have a glass of wine or some margarita mix. I never drink too much to get wasted. I never want that feeling and I’ve heard it’s horrible. I try to drink when I feel fine and have a healthy state of mind. I never drink when I’m upset. I love Moscato. It’s my favorite wine. I enjoy that with some popcorn and then I have it, the perfect tv night.

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    Friends, They Are Great!

    As much as I like to be alone, every so often you want someone to talk to other than yourself. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are great. They listen and understand me. When we argue we understand each other’s point of view. For me, it’s hard to keep friends, but I realize that the people who I befriend never had my best interest at heart. People who truly love you think of you first. They don’t just think about how they benefit. When you find a friend that treats you right don’t take advantage of them. You may just not find another…

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    Routines Are Good For the Soul

    Routines are things we can control. People have nightly routines and morning routines and even daily routines. I like to stick to my routines because it feels like I am accomplishing something. I give myself mental check marks in my head. If I can’t get things done I feel unaccomplished. There is no better way to soothe your anxiety than to have a routine. If you want to start a routine start off with something simple. Do something like washing your face and brushing your teeth at night right before you go to bed. You can even do a cleaning routine. But your routines don’t have to be daily. You…

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    Retail Therapy is Real Therapy ( Not Just For the Mentally Ill)

    I woke up early on Tuesday morning to head out with my mom to do some shopping. We had to travel all the way to Lawrenceville. I’m not an early bird. I went to bed about two in the morning hoping that I could run on adrenaline later on in the day. I was to be comfortable, so I needed sneakers, not heels, or sandals. All these factors mattered. When my mom woke me up later that morning I grudgingly rolled out of bed and prepared to go shopping at the thrift store. This was going to be the best therapy ever. This was my first time to a thrift…