• A Day in the Life

    Auntie Anne’s Top 5 Pretzels

    If people knew what wonderful treats pretzels were and what joy they can bring to the world, they would be more appreciative of pepperoni pretzels. But for the sake of all pretzel lovers, this will be a list of the best pretzels. Not just any pretzels. I am talking about the ones from the famous Auntie Anne’s. I will start with five and work my way up to one. 5. Orignal The Original is just that. It is a plain pretzel with just salt. I know I’m making it sound basic, but that is because it is. The pretzel only has salt on it. The best part is if you…

  • A Day in the Life

    Don’t Get an Expensive Wedding Dress

    As I was searching for prom dresses for my cousin I can across wedding dresses that I thought were gorgeous. They were what I pictured my perfect wedding dress to be. Simple elegant and something that I could feel beautiful in. Most women take a while to find the best dress for her wedding day. The bride in her dress is the centerpiece of her wedding. So, of course, she has to pick the perfect dress. As I got older I realized my tastes were changing, and my wedding dreams were becoming less expensive. I thought that wedding dresses were about $13,000, but I was completely wrong. That was the…

  • Healthy Living

    You Should Be Getting Waterless Pedicures

    Pedicures can be unsanitary. A lot of times when you go to nail salons the first thing you see are tubs to stick your feet in. Though the water feels good, there is a ton of bacteria that gets trapped in the tub. Gross to think about it, but it’s the truth. The only solution to avoid this is to get waterless pedicures. Waterless pedicures are a more sanitary and healthy way to care for your feet. With waterless pedicures there is no need to worry rather or not your technician has cleaned the footbath that has been used by many customers before. People with medical conditions are less at…

  • A Day in the Life

    No Pink and White, Please

    Pink and white will forever be remembered as the basic square nail set with not enough pizazz. Nail techs, especially black nail techs, had been on the rise. People desiring to have more than basic square nails were finally in luck. The nail experience had been changed by shapes, stones, and artwork. “The excitement and creativity of nails and the uniqueness of the nails is what attracted me to nails and wanting to start a career in doing nails,” says Autumn Crumity  Metro Atlanta nail techs interviewed for this story, believe the nail craze started around 2010 and escalated in recent years. Certain nail enhancements, such as acrylics, have been…

  • A Day in the Life

    Café My Kitchen

    When I went to New Orleans, I didn’t get to experience the famous Café Du Monde. For starters, my family and I couldn’t find it. So we still got beignets, but at the jazz-centered Café Beignet. I wasn’t up in arms about where we got the beignets from; I just wanted to try one. I had read the reviews and the comments from N.O. natives saying that Café Du Monde is the best thing since a slice of bread, but after a search on Trip Advisor, Morning Call was just as good or even better. The reviews for Café Beignet were not too far off. So I think it’s personal…

  • Things I Like

    5 Ways to Get Your Nails Done

    Long gone are the days of just getting your nails with pink and white. Even lines and stripes are so nineties. We are in the twenty-first century, it’s time to spice up the looks. There are so many possibilities now and with the right nail tech, you can have a range of designs and shapes on your nails. Here is a list of ways to get your nails done! 1. Get any of your favorite characters. If you get any character painted onto your nails, you will have someone come up to you all the time. Well for the best reasons. You have something on your nails no one else…

  • A Day in the Life

    I Love/Hate Twitter

    I thought that I could give up Twitter, but apparently, I have fallen into a rabbit hole of keeping up with tea. I actually love drama, but just not in my life. It’s more than entertaining and gets my mind off of things that stress me out. It’s ironic because sometimes Twitter gives me a headache. But boy do I love the opinions. Twitter can either bring people together or divide them even more. There is no in-between with Twitter and you’re even right or wrong. I can hardly stay away from it, and I know that it’s not good for me. But it’s my guilty pleasure. Honestly, I tried…

  • Anxiety,  Dealing With Stress

    How My Stress Caused Me to be Sick

    I am convinced that I am the worst at handling stress. At the drop of a hat I can stress out and the worse part is I make myself sick. I get a headache and can’t get rid of it. It’s hard to shake and Advil can’t help it. It sucks, but I know there has to be a better alternative than to just stress out. But my stressing out is also relating to my overthinking. I don’t know how to clear my mind. For me it starts with anxiety and then it turns into stress. The worst part is my medicine doesn’t really help. I wish it did. Sometimes…

  • A Day in the Life

    Move On From Fake Friends

    I remember when I graduated high school I thought I would have my besties for life. I had an idea in my head that they would never leave me because I had known them for four years and some of them even more. It was clear that I was living in a fantasy that was never going to last.  I wanted to share that knowledge with the world. High school friends are sometimes just that. I wanted so bad to tell my cousin, but she was still in high school and that would have burst her bubbl. So I kept my mouth shut only giving her simple advice about how…

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