• Things That Bother Me Badly

    Dating Isn’t Easy

    When I was younger, I was a little more patient with putting up with guys from my past.  As I get older I want to move on to a bigger, brighter, better, future. Not to say that these guys are not great, but not great for me. I have gone back and forward with one guy for a year and I was tired of him. We weren’t friends, and we weren’t a couple and he was always trying to control me. I remember when we talked he asked if I had a boyfriend. I didn’t, but that wasn’t his business, but he was always concerned about my love life although…

  • A Day in the Life

    Me vs Exercise

    We all know that we are supposed to exercise, but knowing you are supposed to do something doesn’t make you do. Another thing, telling people what bad things can happen will not scare them into not doing something or doing something, thus the reason we still have smokers. But healthcare website, health bloggers, and doctors all agree that the best way to lose weight is to exercise. But how can one exercise when they don’t like to do it? I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like to exercise, and when I get started for a few weeks, I never finish. It’s not the type of exercise either,…

  • A Day in the Life

    Throw Back Days

    As I sat in my bed I decided to put on a familiar movie that I knew would make me happy. I went old school and by old school, I mean Spy Kids. I knew it was something that would make me happy. I remember watching the movies when I was a kid and loved imagining what it would be like to be a spy although in real like it would be a pain. Spy Kids is something I hadn’t seen in years and watching it I thought that maybe it would feel brand new, but I found myself reciting lines like I had just watched it the day before.…

  • A Day in the Life

    Six Flags

    For the first time in many years, my family and I went to Six Flags during the summer. Of course, it was hot and my sweaty back drenched my entire t-shirt and my feet ached from not wearing the right shoes. But that was all apart of the fun. My dad called me at eleven in the morning to go on a spontaneous trip to Six Flags. We had been during Christmas time, but that was a completely different experience. I decided not to dread it being hot, because it was June. After a fabulous lunch at Wendy’s, we were off to Six Flags and were more hyped than ever.…

  • A Day in the Life

    Fogo De Chao

    When I go to a steakhouse, I pay for one steak and maybe two sides. But when I come to Fogo I get more than a traditional steak dinner. Fogo De Chao is the holy grail of restaurants if you want to endlessly stuff your face with pricey meat until you can’t take another bite. It’s actually insane and incredible that someone would think of this concept and give it to the world for everyone to enjoy. I was coming here for the second time and my family was coming here for their first time. Wasn’t going to forget my favorable experience once I sat down and chowed down. I…

  • Things That Bother Me Badly

    The Bathroom Policy

    It is an unspoken rule in my house to never use my bathroom. I really don’t know how the rule started, but it’s in place. People using my bathroom never bothered me when I was a kid. Maybe because I never cleaned it, my dad did. I just pooped, peed, showered and bathed. During family gatherings, people constantly bathed in my shower and used my toilet. I actually didn’t care at the time and wasn’t bothered by the increase of germs in the atmosphere. I ignored those thoughts for many years before we moved. This may have marked the beginning of “The Bathroom Policy” because after we moved into our…

  • A Day in the Life

    Think Positive

    There are a lot of things to think about during the day and even the week. Although we try to make our days as happy as we can there are some things that make our days sour. And sometimes those things can affect the way we feel. I know what it’s like to have a bad day and bad days always make you think what can happen next. To combat those thoughts, you need to change your mindset. Yeah, that can be hard depending on the situation. But you don’t need to worry. Bad thoughts can always be pushed out of your head. First thing first, never think the worse…

  • Understanding You

    I’m Scared of Men

    All my life I had this underlying fear that one day I was going to be molested by any man I was close to and even strangers. I used to think I was weird because at a young age all my thought revolved around sex. But due to my traumatic life events that made sense. As I began to heal and understand how my sexual abuse affected my life certain fears have resurfaced in my head. I know that I’m not weird, but I’m scarred and it’s hard to erase that. I’m not scared of men to where I can’t talk to them. I have great conversations with everyone I…

  • A Day in the Life,  Things That Bother Me Badly

    That Annoying Guy From Years Ago.

    Over the years I have learned that guys are weird. I have dealt with many different guys. Like I’m still getting messages from a guy I used to go out with while in middle school and he tries to talk to me on Facebook. The worst part is that he is married and has been for a few years. I haven’t had an in-person conversation with him since freshman year of high school. Guys are complicated and personally have me in no rush to have a boyfriend. But this guy I’m about to tell you about is more than a headache. When I stopped talking to this one guy I…

  • A Day in the Life,  Understanding You

    I’m a Loner

    I’m a loner. I’ve been this way for a while and it may come as a surprise to most people. I only ever talk to people when I’m in social settings. When I was in college I talked to people every day. It was also to help to keep away the drama and to stay entertained. But once I got out of school I didn’t want to talk to people anymore. I thought I wanted friends. I really thought hanging out with people would help, but I find myself wanting to go home or not wanting to hang out at all. I like my time and being in a place…

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