• A Day in the Life

    Beginnings of a YouTuber

    Is YouTube for everyone? Well, you would have to find out for yourself if it suits you, but this is about me and my journey to becoming a YouTuber. Frankly, I didn’t want a YouTube channel. Part of the reason was that I was not into DIYs and makeup at the time when it was suggested to me. Another reason I didn’t want to YouTube was because I hated my voice on camera. This was a legit reason not to start, but it, fortunately, didn’t keep me from starting. Making a channel is easy; you do a few clicks, and before you know you it you’re done. I was too…

  • A Day in the Life

    I don’t comb my hair.

    Here’s a fun fact about me. I don’t comb my hair. Weird right? I don’t like to do it, especially when I first get my hair down because it was just done. I tend to just put my bonnet on and just let my hair sit. I do this all day unless I leave the house. Then if I need my hair combed I finger comb it or do a hair flip. I’m not interested in hair. My mom does hair for a living and she is the only reason I worry about my hair as often as I do. I know that my hair needs to be moisturized and…

  • A Day in the Life

    YouTube vs the Beauty Industry

    Can we talk about makeup for a minute? Recently it has taken over the world. I noticed in the larger department stores having more than five major makeup lines is the new normal. And not having makeup at all is an abomination. I could see why most women and a few men walk around like living Barbie dolls. Not in a bad way, but in a noticeable trendy way. Makeup has grown from a few brands to a range of eyeshadow companies to lipstick franchises. Well, makeup doesn’t go that far, but it has become very major thanks to the video uploading site, YouTube. YouTube hosts thousands of makeup artists…

  • A Day in the Life

    How a TV Show Taught Me to Chill

    I had heard of Little House on the Prairie, but never got a chance to watch it. Thanks to Amazon Prime I have been able to binge to my heart’s desire. The show is wholesome, funny, and very inspirational. I have never thought I could learn anything from a tv drama, but I have been wrong. Since I have been watching the show I have learned how to chill. The main theme of the show is to not worry, because everything will be alright. There is one thing hear it from people, but to see it play out in real life situations is different. It hard to believe everything will…

  • Things That Bother Me Badly

    When Allergies Attack

    I have suffered with allergies all my life so it isn’t a big deal to be congested or to sneeze a ton. I’ve been doing it since I was little. I personally hate when pollen comes to stick around because that’s when everything goes down hill for me. I would rather just have a three day cold than to have allergies for weeks on end. I mean feel like I’m sick, but I’m not. But I have decided to hide in the house. It does absolutely nothing expect not expose me to more pollen. There isn’t enough medicine I can take to make myself feel better. I was actually doomed…

  • A Day in the Life

    Water is Good for You

    For the longest time, I refused to drink water because it tastes like nothing. I always wanted a soda or kool-aid or just something sweet. Sweet drinks taste good and go well with food. There is nothing like a good meal with a Coke on the side. I refused to drink water because not only was there no taste, but it made me have to pee so bad. I knew that these were not valid excuses for not drinking water. Water needs to be in our body. God made it that way and I have to accept that fact that even though it may be tasteless it is good for…

  • A Day in the Life,  Anxiety,  Dealing With Stress,  Things That Bother Me Badly

    Losing Hope in Yourself

    I listened to a sermon about hope. I never thought much about the word. I assumed that it was something that people relied on when they were in dire need. But hope was more than that. To have hope is to have a feeling of expectation of something to happen. Well, I didn’t know what I expected to happen within myself. I wanted to achieve so much in my life that I haven’t stopped to think when I was in the now.  I didn’t expect a lot of myself anymore because I kind of gave up. I did the one thing you’re never supposed to do. I broke the ultimate…

  • A Day in the Life

    Relax and Watch YouTube

    I suffer from anxiety and depression and sometimes I need something to get my mind off what’s going in my head. A lot of times it helps to interact with people, but in case you can’t get in touch with people you can watch them online. There is a magical place called YouTube. I have been watching YouTube for a while and have many videos that bring back good memories. Every time I would stress out I would find something to watch and laugh about. There is always something to watch on YouTube. Here’s the thing, every time you’re stressed you should find your favorite thing and look it up…

  • A Day in the Life

    You Need to Exercise

    A lot of times when we want to lose weight we stop doing the one thing that keeps us alive. Eating. We have to eat and most of the time what is causing us to gain weight is not food, but the type of food. If you’re a foodie like me, this can be hard. Food is one of the best things in the word and don’t get me started on dessert. It’s hard to stop eating and it’s even harder to stop eating what you love. There are hundreds of diets, but none of them are effective in getting your waist size down. To be fair sometimes a diet…

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