• A Day in the Life

    N.O. = No

        In New Orleans the air was muggy, and I had to prepare myself to get back into SUV and travel 400 miles back to Georgia. We loaded the car and drove down a windy ramp to the main road to get our butts back to Atlanta ASAP. Zombies were still standing on their corner begging for life support. Although I was unsure about what they were using it for a clear bottle of the finest whiskey was available at every corner. But it could be a complete mind wrap if they were just poor citizens affected by Katrina, but that was years ago.     I was sure…

  • Anxiety,  Dealing With Stress

    It Will Be Alright

    This is a personal story I wrote a few years ago. I hope this story blesses someone and lets them know that they’re not alone. I knew nothing about depression. I ignored it and pushed it to the back of my mind because no one I knew was terribly sad. I was ignorant of depression. Every book I ever saw the word in was just a definition given to me by someone with a Ph.D. I couldn’t actually tell people how depression is caused but I couldn’t even tell people what it was. I thought it was stupid to get your emotions so worked up that you had to take…

  • Healthy Living

    OCD? Not Much.

    I was diagnosed with OCD over a year again. Since then I have changed a lot. I’ve been taking my meds every day and not skipping a day. I am happy to see the change in myself. I haven’t been as obsessed with the things I was obsessed with before. I haven’t been cleaning as much, by which I mean over-cleaning. My urge for cleaning is becoming closer to normal. I haven’t been anxious or overly anxious. I am learning to relax and calm down knowing everything will be alright. I have taken a break from therapy and applying my coping skills to anxiety raising situations. I know therapy is…

  • Things I Like

    Futurama, the Best Show

    When I started watching Futurama I was reliving the past and recalling all the episodes I had watched while I was a kid. I didn’t know that within a few episodes I was going to find something that was going to help me whether I was happy, sad, or in between. Futurama is a classic. The jokes are still funny and the characters are always relatable. I know that I don’t have to worry about following a storyline because there really isn’t one. What keeps me watching the show is its lightheartedness. There is not political commentary shoved into every episode. Of course, there are a few jokes, but it…

  • A Day in the Life,  Things I Like

    Going On Vacation

    I’m excited to go on vacation, especially since I haven’t been in two years. Sometimes you need to be someplace else other than home, and home can be nice but sometimes you need change. I have been dying to get to a beach and see the crystal waters. The beaches in the Carribean are way nicer than the ones I visited on the coast of Georgia. The beaches here are awful and don’t even measure up to the ones that I’ve been to while cruising. The first thing I want to do when I go down to Florida is to eat. I love food and it gets me in trouble,…

  • A Day in the Life,  Things That Bother Me Badly

    Quality Control

    Let’s talk about quality and how it doesn’t exist anymore. I have bought clothes from many stores some of which a shirt is more than ten dollars. With that being said over the years I noticed a gradual change throughout retails stores, most of the changes are the quality. In most of the stores, the prices are pretty much the same. Abercrombie & Fitch still has t-shirts for 18-20 dollars, but the shirts are not made the same. My older Abercrombie shirts are thicker and last longer they didn’t get holes until after the four wash not the first. M new shirts are thinners and don’t feel as nice on…

  • A Day in the Life

    Understanding the Hard Stuff

    My parents have been married for twenty-five years and though those years I have seen many things. Anyone who has both their parents or remember a time when their parents together knew there were those rifts in their marriage. It’s hard to see the people you love go through something that seems unsolvable. You wonder what you can do to help the situation and how can you prevent it from happening again. People who have divorced parents may not have to endure the hardships of having to watch your parents go through it. No matter how old you get, it always feels bad. No one wants their parents to divorce. You…

  • Understanding You

    Taking it One Day at a Time

    When I was diagnosed with OCD last year I wasn’t seeing much of my future. I was inside a bubble of fear, sure that nothing would ever change about me and that I was destined to be miserable for the rest of my life. The stability that I was going to gain didn’t seem logical and logical thinking was something that I had never really done anyway. My life felt as though it was going around and around and if the cycle was going to break I would to not only have to act different but think different. When your mentally ill your thoughts tend to overtake your life and…

  • A Day in the Life

    I Don’t Like Breakfast

    That most important meal of the day is my least important meal of the hour. I don’t like eating between seven and ten in the morning. If I eat waffles I want them at six pm. I used eat breakfast because I had to but as I grew older I skipped the meal. I didn’t want eggs and pancakes in the morning, but I loved to eat them at lunch or for dinner. I was convinced that I had to only eat breakfast foods in the morning until my mom told me otherwise. She told me that my grandfather ate whatever he wanted for breakfast so this gave me the…

  • A Day in the Life

    Being Mom Jr.

    As I got older I started to have to not only take care of myself but other members of my family too. It’s not anything serious, but with age comes responsibility. As a young adult, my mom gave me the task of taking care of my younger brother who is now eighteen. I didn’t realize that I would have to go to parent-teacher conferences, take him to appointments and feed him and he eats a lot. Although it may have not seemed like it, I was actually doing mom stuff. I didn’t think I would get that type of experience until I had my own children, but it came a…

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