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    How I began to Understand My Late Night Snacking

    Recently I haven’t been able to sleep. Since I’ve been up I’ve been pacing downstairs in the kitchen thinking of things to write and what tasks I have to do next. All of this should be done during the day, but it’s not. I’m up working and it’s way past anyone’s bedtime. While I was up I began to get hungry and ended up making sushi at one in the morning. After midnight I should be tucked in my covers but I find it rather hard to fall asleep during that time. I get a random boost of energy around eleven o’clock anyway. I have tried some different sleep aids…

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    I Can’t Sleep

    Sleep is important and needed to help us get through the day. We should sleep for about eight hours at night. If you are a child you would need a bit more sleep. This is how sleep is supposed to work. I, however,  am feeling abnormal. I can’t sleep. I haven’t been able to sleep for a long time and it’s frustrating. People keep giving me advice on how I should get myself to sleep. Frankly, the advice can be overwhelming. I am trying to find the best method for me. There should be no reason I can’t sleep. No one is coming to get me and I have nothing…

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    No New Year’s Resolution Here

    I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. They are no pointless, but it’s hard to follow through on such large goals that need to be planned out far in advance. I decided that the changes I had made in 2018, I will continue them and also continue to improve myself. I will continue to eat healthier and I will try to stop doing certain compulsions. I know that my OCD has gotten better and it’s easy to slip backward so I will continue to push myself. This will be something I have to do every year no just this year. I know that 2019 is going to be an excellent year.…

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    It’s My Birthday! Oh, Happy New Year!

    I was born on this day and I enjoy it every year. My birthday wish is for everyone who has mental illnesses seek help and get good help. This past year has been rough for me, but I have learned a lot. I have grown from the woman I was before. I know more about myself and as I grow older I hope to learn more and have more eye-opening experiences. I know every year is a blessing, so I count each and everyone as a gift. I thank God for that. So I hope you enjoy 2019 and have a blessed year! And Happy Birthday to me!

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    My Dad My Frenemy

    Hanging out with my dad can be a lot of fun. Most of the time we joke around a lot. We have a language that no one else really understands. My mom doesn’t really understand us. One thing I realized about my dad and I are that we are the same person. We think similarly and both need to have our way. This can be problematic because me and my dad have different anxieties. Our personalities clash all the time for this one reason. My dad’s OCD natures of keeping everything messes with my OCD of wanting everything to be organized and clean. I sometimes get so irritated with him.…