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    How to Deal with Anxiety

    Anxiety is something that everyone experiences. Even though some people have higher anxiety than others, people still need help calming down when they feel their hearts are in their throats. Calming your anxiety is hard. I used to let my anxious feelings take over. While I panicked nothing was being solved. I have was going around in circles and life was not stopping. I had to learn, to not panic and move on. Don’t focus on what is not happening or what should be happening. I knew that deep down inside I couldn’t control everything although I wanted to. Control is what kept me happy, but you can’t control everything.…

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    How To Not Be Anxious About Politics

    If you live in America you have survived the constant torture of American politics. It is always easy to tell when an election is coming up especially when you watch tv. The constant slandering of each candidate and fear instilled in citizens about things they knew nothing about or even cared about. Not every American is heavily into politics so when new issues come up, it is easy to become uneasy and anxious. Although you want to be informed about your country’s issues you can’t get rid of that feeling in the pit of your stomach. So what do you do? Don’t watch the news.   Watching the news sometimes is…

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    Stop Worrying! OCD is Illogical!

    My dad can home from Walmart with a hand full items that he needed for the week. In the bag was a box of pink-eye reliever. I panicked for a second, but then I stopped.  My mom told me that my dad’s eye was hurting for a week. He also didn’t have a red eye or crust around it. My dad didn’t have pink-eye. If my dad had pink-eye that means he would have given to my mom, me, and my brother a few days ago. My dad’s OCD was causing him to panic about something that wasn’t true or didn’t make any sense.  He was working based on thinking…

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    Don’t Let Your Anxiety Be Contagious

    When your OCD stretches to other people that’s when you have a problem. Sometimes my OCD gives my family anxiety. Anxiety shouldn’t be contagious but somehow in my house, it is. My mom has to pick and chose what she says to me because she is afraid I will have a meltdown. Her anxiety raises because she doesn’t know how I will react. Your anxiety should never make anyone anxious. People who are trying to help you should not be scared to help you. Don’t push people away. People who are there to help are there to make you better. They have your best interest at heart. Stressing them out…

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    No Anxiety Medicine

    Since my dose on my anti-depressant was upped I have no need for my anxiety medicine as much. I used to take it twice a day but now I’m down to one. It’s feels great. You all know I don’t like taking my meds. I don’t like taking medicine period. I also don’t like the way it tastes. But since I see the results I feel better about it. Before I was too reliant on my anxiety medicine to the point I couldn’t go without it. It makes me sleepy, so when I want to get some rest I use it to knock me out. It’s like Benadryl for me.

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    I Had A Mental Breakdown

    I had a mental breakdown today. Yes, ironic that I didn’t follow my own advice, but I was really in my feelings. I have a hard time dealing with change. It becomes my downfall a lot of times. My parents are the best at helping me, but it’s taking the help that is the problem. I know that it is easy, but I find it hard to move forward. So what happened to me today? I went to the psychiatrist to get my prescription. I go about every two months. The medicine normally lasts me all the way to then. Today as I sat down across from my psychiatrist I…

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    How to Calm A Mental Breakdown

    I have a mental breakdown every so often. Often enough to be able to give advice on how to handle them. I remember at the beginning of this year I was very stressed out. I was getting ready to graduate college and very much on edge. I remember crying in my parents’ arms at least once a week. These are the things I did to get better: Have a distraction. When I’m in my feelings, I play video games or watch my favorite show. Video games get my mind completely off the situation. I can take my frustrations out in the game. You can check out more on how I…

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    Hiding You. I Mean Your Compulsions.

    No one understands compulsions. For starters, it’s hard to explain OCD to people period. A lot of the stresses that you go through most people think you should just get over. It’ hard to explain to people why you jump over cracks in the floor or why you only enter through doors on the left and never on the right. Those things make us feel better. Being around people that see you do this often isn’t a big deal. Family and friends who know you and your habits are used to you, but what do you do when you are around people who don’t know your habits? One of my…

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    Coming Out About Me

    When I first got diagnosed with OCD/Anxiety, I didn’t want to tell anymore. I was embarrassed about having a mental illness. I wanted to be normal and normal didn’t mean taking meds to help my moods. But thinking back on it may have been my OCD that made me feel this way. When I got diagnosed with Depression, I embraced it. I was in denial about it for a few months. I even stopped taking my birth control believing it was the sole cause of my loss of joy, but I had been depressed for years. The first person I told about my illness was my friend who also had…

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    What Isn’t OCD?

    What is OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Not Overly Cleaning Dysfunction. I couldn’t think of anything else that was close. But it doesn’t mean cleaning all the time. I get tired of people thinking that. Cleaning can be a compulsion, but there are many more things. OCD is a mental illness that falls under anxiety but not anymore. But I don’t know what the people studying this stuff did but just know that if you have OCD you have anxiety. Anxiety can be healthy and normal when you’re facing a somewhat stressful situation. Things, like giving a big speech or taking a test, are good anxiety. Bad anxiety is forgetting rather…