Video Games Can Relieve Stress

When I’m stressed, I grab my phone and play my favorite games for hours. It’s relaxing because I focus on my game and forget everyone else. That is possible. Sometimes we need to clear our mind and what better way than to put your focus on something else.

Most of the time I play on my mobile apps. It’s a lot of games to go through, but they all keep me at peace and they are easy to get to. I don’t always want to turn on a game console, but when I do, I turn on my PS4 (PlayStation 4.)

I have always been a fan of the PlayStation ever since I was a kid, but it was also one of the few consoles I remember playing. It was always the easiest to navigate and now with the new features, I love it even more. The PlayStation to me is like the iPhone. Easy to use and very pretty, I love the design. But to be honest I don’t play a lot of games on the PlayStation, I just play a few or better yet one series.

I play Kingdom Hearts. Mainly Kingdom Hearts II and most recently Kingdom Hearts III. I know the game and have played the series for years so I few comfortable turning it on and playing for hours. I have seen the opening and ending so many times, but it doesn’t get old.

While I played the newest game of the series, Kingdom Hearts III, I played without thinking about anything else. My goal was to finish the games and try to figure out the story (look it up, the story is complicated, but it is easy to fall in love with.) The game consists of my favorite things, Disney, good animation, great story, and awesome music. So of course I finished the game in a week. During that week I decided to make the game my therapy and it was very successful.

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