Taking Medicine isn’t Bad

One of the reasons I wanted to get off my medicine is because I felt that it was ungodly. But after being off my medication for about six months, I realized that wasn’t true. The medicine was helping me with my depression, OCD, and anxiety.

When I stopped, I was going deeper and deeper into depression and being swallowed whole by darkness. My thoughts were everywhere, and I couldn’t rest. My mind was running 100 miles per hour.

Not only was I affecting myself but my family. As they saw me suffer, they suffered. I felt bad because it seemed as though nothing was working. As my family prayed for me, I tried to find my strength, but I was lacking.

My mind was in a world of confusion. I couldn’t do anything but sit in my room in the dark and play games on my phone. Eventually, I concluded that I needed help.

I decided to get back on my medicine. Within two days of taking my antidepressant, I started to feel like myself again. I was no longer feeling like I needed to be in a hole.

Medicine is not evil, and I refuse to think that anymore.

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