Getting tested for COVID-19 is hard.

While looking to get tested for COVID-19 me and my mom ran into some issues. Even though getting tested is advertised to be easy it is not. Last Wednesday my mom and I decided that we were going to be tested. It took a while to even find a testing place in our area. The closest one was thirty minutes away.

We tried to make appointments at CVS, but they didn’t have any. Many places were appointment only, but there were no available times. We finally found a place that advertised that they tested till seven. We rushed down there only to be turned away at 5:30. The women told us to come back the next day because there would be a line.

My mom being as determined as she was, tried to find a testing location that evening, but she couldn’t. Everything had closed at 5:30. So we decided to go home and come back to the testing spot we were already at.

So the next morning, we work up early, drove the thirty minutes, and was greeted by a line of 200 plus cars. We were a mile down the road from the testing location. It was only seven in the morning, tested started at nine. My mom and I stayed in line for three hours before we got to the testing location only to get the worst news.

They stopped testing. It was only ten something in the morning. The police had noticed the line was blocking the hospital so they only allowed 200 cars to be tested. They also added a rule that you needed to receive a ticket to be tested, something that they had not said on their website. Registering online was not enough.

Disappointed, we went to an immediate-care to ask it they did testing and they didn’t. The nurse there gave us a list of things to do before we could get an appointment. After trying several times, we couldn’t. I called my doctor to see if they were testing, and they weren’t.

After I had lunch, I called my doctor again to see if there was anything else wrong with me other than possibly having the Coronavirus. I got an appointment went to it and was told that I was suspect for COVID-19. I knew that. Since my doctor didn’t do testing, I had to find a place to get tested and quarantine until I got my results.

So after a couple of hours of searching, my mom found a few testing locations. She made appointments and found one at a church over the weekend so we wouldn’t have to wait till Tuesday.

We woke up early on Saturday showed up at seven in the morning to secure our spots in line. We were first in line and first to get tested.

I won’t lie, the test was uncomfortable. They took a very long cotton swab and took a sample from the depths of my nose. It took a few seconds, but I got tested. It wasn’t easy. I wish they would make it easier, maybe people wouldn’t walk around with the virus without knowing.

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