Stop feeding into him. (Rebuking the devil.)

After tossing and turning the night before, I decided to take a nap to get some energy I didn’t have that morning. I had finally fallen asleep successfully after two attempts and when I had finally gotten asleep I have the strangest dream.

I don’t know how the dream began but I did know I was in a darkened room with red walls. I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, but there were people and they had this baby. I wasn’t sure the baby was mine.

The child was very ugly, skinny, sickly, and was missing skin in some places. I went to the child and picked him up and he held on to me and didn’t let go. I couldn’t put him down. Then when I did put him down onto a bed, he began to cry.

Instead of rocking him or playing with him, I placed my nipple into his mouth and feed him. He ate quickly.

The dream was weird, but it wasn’t nothing. I believe God was telling me something.

Many times I listened to the devil and listened to his words and feed into his lies. I was listening to all the ugly and terrible things he said about me.
I realized that I was giving him everything all my time and energy and that he didn’t deserve it.

This dream had happened after my mom and I had a heart to heart about how to stop listening to the devil.

I knew when I woke up that I will no longer listen to the devil and live a life in truth.

“Resist the devil and he shall flee.” James 4:7

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