When is it time to change therapists?

Sometimes we need a new therapist. Finding a therapist isn’t the easiest thing to do. So you can only imagine having to find another one.

I went to therapy for a year before I stopped going. I was paying a $25 copay to talk about absolutely nothing. I felt that I only had to go because I was taking medicine, but if I wasn’t, I would have stopped after a few months.

Therapy was always draining except for the days when it wasn’t. The good days made me invincible while the bad days made me want to sit in my bed and curl into a ball and sink into self-pity.

Being vulnerable after therapy is expected and even for a little while at home, but not all the time. I wasn’t getting any better. Even when I thought I was I was.

It took a few months after I stopped going to my old therapist before I decided to find a new therapist. I’m glad I did. But sometimes it’s hard to seek out a new one.

When is it time to change your therapists?

  1. You don’t feel that you are getting better. If you are getting to therapy for help with your mental illness you want to get better. If you feel the same way now a few months after you started, it’s time for someone new.
  2. Your therapist is unprofessional. I have experienced this first hand. When I was a teenager, my very first therapist was a nice woman but was always late and overbooked appointments. If you experience this with a therapist, get a new one.

You can have more reasons to get rid of your therapist, but these are only a couple of reasons to do so. You should not seek a new therapist only after a few sessions. Getting better takes time, but you don’t want to feel the same after a long while.

A good therapist will help you get better and be very professional.

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