Don’t Feel Stupid for Your Feelings

We, as humans, all have feelings that can change depending on an event or who we are around, or how we wake up in the morning. Our feelings are an important part of who we are as humans. We don’t always know it, but we are always feeling something, rather it is good or bad.

Our feelings will not always match what our friends and families are feeling. Hearing news on the radio, tv, or even on social media can cause different reactions in different people.

Your sister who might hear the news and be happy, your brother, might be mad, and you may feel indifferent.

What causes us to feel this way? Our feelings about things come from our experiences. Negative and positive experiences can effect how we see the world and how we see people. We can not always control our experiences in life, neither can we always control our feelings.

A while back, my fish, Casey died. I had her for a year (a long time to some people) and when she passed I felt sad. Even though she was a fish, it wasn’t stupid to feel sad.

Sometimes our feelings will feel stupid because others don’t share our experiences. You shouldn’t try to pretend that you feel the same way that others do. It doesn’t feel good to pretend.

I have had several times where I felt stupid because I felt something that no one else understood. I know other have felt the same.

For example, my dad has a fear or snakes. I on the other hand find them to be cool and interesting animals. Not my dad, he will run from a snake.

He isn’t stupid for feeling scared of a snakes. I wouldn’t make him feel that way. I wouldn’t want him to feel that way about me and my fear of roaches.

A lot times I will feel stupid for my fears more than anything else. But people who mourn the death or their favorite celebrity or the closing of their favorite resturant are not stupid.

Their feelings are as valid as anyone else’s feelings. We should take the time to understand people and why they feel the way we do. We should also talk to people to get them to understand us also.

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