Being Creative (the story of my mind)

My whole life I have always created stories and developed characters in my head. I hadn’t thought much of it, it was everyday life for me.

I had never talked about it because I thought I was weird. I had over 200 people in my head and they all had stories and they all had feelings and wants and needs.

When I told my mom about it, she was shocked.

“You have a whole world in your head,” she said.

I shrugged it off. I had a lot of ideas, but I didn’t think of them. I held them deep in my mind without telling anyone. The stories I did write were just scratch the surface of what I think about. I never dug deep into characters I have had for years.

I realized there was more to it when I had a conversation with my mom and brother, where they told me I was super creative. I was honest about my characters. I told them about the genealogy and what they looked like.
I rattled it off like nothing; like it was history.

I did look up imaginary friends, but that doesn’t fit what I was doing in my head. I learned about “tulpas” and that didn’t fit what I do at all. I control my characters and decide what they do that day. It is really fun.

I think my next adventure will be to write a book. I can finally get all these people on paper.

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