Stimu-Less (No Check for Me)

I was on aboard with the idea of the getting money from the government in this time of struggle. I was more than happy to figure out ways to spend the money. I filled out my application sent it in and got rejected just as fast. It actually took me longer to fill out the application than it took the IRS to reject me.

The reason for my reject was actually kind of funny. My mom had told me that she couldn’t file me as a dependent so I was sure I was going to get my money. I was going to be rolling in approximately $1200.

But no. My mother wasn’t able to claim me as a dependent this year, but last year she was. So I can’t get my money. I am probably one of the millions that got rejected because of this, but it’s life. I am now just $1200 less richer than I was before.

Maybe, just maybe I will get the money anyway. I know what I want to buy!

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