Finding Inspiration (feeling less than creative)

As I’ve been sitting in quarantine I have been trying to find ways to be creative again. So far I have lacked any inspiration to want to write or do anything creative. My brain feels almost fried from sitting at home, all day, everyday.

To be frank, after I left college I felt my creative bone get smaller. I had to focus so much on the real world, that I felt my creative fantasy world had to be left behind. I didn’t have to do this, but I felt I had to start making money. So I gave up creativity to to get into the workforce.

I happy to have an income, but I wish I could be doing something that got my brain working and made me feel proud of everything I’ve done.

So I found something to help achieve creativity, or at least put myself forward. I created a vision board of things I want and things I want to accomplish. It’s small right now, but I’m going to make a bigger one later.

If you’re wondering what a vision board is supposed to do, it’s supposed to help you achieve you goals and dreams. You put a bunch of pictures and quotes on it and make it pretty.

Hopefully this board helps. Ideally it should kick me into motion.

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