The Inevitable Work Stress ( Finding the Right Price)

Getting a job that pays is important, because there are a lot of “internships” around that are willing to give you all work and no pay. I was happy to finally stop finding internships a few months ago when I landed a job to pay me something more than minimum wage.

As much as I love to get paid, there comes a time when you have to question whether the pay is worth it, and if you are being paid enough. A problem with companies nowadays is that they want to pay you the bare minimum and then ask you to do the work of seven different people.

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I always heard this was a problem in the work force, but never thought it would be a problem for me. Americans are now more stressed at work than they have ever been before. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers experience stress on the job. Almost half of those workers said they had to learn how to manage their stress and even said that their coworkers also needed help.

So if everyone is stressed out, why don’t companies lower the workload? I assume to increase productivity, but if you work someone too hard, you are actually doing the opposite. Working more that forty hours can affect your health negatively. Most of the time after the forty hours is over, you, as a worker, still have to complete assignments. This can mean working off the clock and that can be unfair.

How much you work is how much you should be paid, but the workforce doesn’t work like that. Unless you’re working retail or in the food industry, most of the work can’t always be in office.

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Once you clock out you shouldn’t have to worry about work again until you go back into work the next time. I have watch my father come home from work only to pull out his computer to work some more off the clock.

My dad makes a good amount of money, but he should be paid for every second that he does something for work. If a proposal is due, it has to get done by the due date rather on or off the clock.

Getting paid is nice, but if the work doesn’t equal the pay, why stay at the job? There’s a chance that many jobs will all do the same thing. But there is a chance that some of them won’t. I though that getting a job, was the hard part. Getting a job i easy. I just have to find a job willing to pay me for my worth.

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