OCD the Problem Solver (Not Really)

As I talked to a friend about passports, I got off topic when she asked me, “Where have you been so far?”

Now, this is a standard question when talking about passports, but since I haven’t seen her in a week, I thought otherwise.

I answered back, “I was sick. I was having horrible withdrawal from my antidepressant. But now I’m antidepressant free!”

All this stuff was true about me and I was happy to tell my story about coming off my antidepressant. But that is not what she asked me. When she asked me “where have you been so far?” she meant where have I been around the world.

I didn’t figure this out until later. I assumed that since she hadn’t seen me in a month, she was asking about me, but she wasn’t. I was interpreting everything wrong.

So I did the next best thing to cover my complete mess-up. I wrote back “I answered that wrong,” and went on to tell her what countries I had visited. I took the text I wrote to her and put it into my Instagram Story and wrote about coming off my antidepressants to make it seem as though I accidentally sent it to her. This may have appeared to be a clever thing I did, but it was me worrying that she would think I’m stupid.

My mom assured me that people don’t care about your mistakes. They just move on. When my friend texted back she only answered the part about what countries I had been to. Of course, it took me a while to get over it, but I realized that my OCD took over the entire situation.

It’s hard to sometimes get out of the mindset that everything needs to perfect. Humans are not perfect, and we all make mistakes. I’m sure my friend makes as many mistakes as I do. Realizing this helps me sleep at night. I know that my mistake will be forgotten if it isn’t already. The best advice I have is to not let your OCD control your mistakes. People forget mistakes unless you’re famous, then no one forgets.

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