The Holiday Anxieties

Holidays can be the most wonderful and stressful period for people struggling with anxiety. My anxiety has been under control for the past few months and I have successfully gotten off my antidepressants. I am proud that I have accomplished more than I thought I would.

But recently my dreams have gotten weird. All my fears and worst nightmares were all coming at me all at the same time and it was something.

I didn’t know why I’m having these dreams because I’m not having Thanks Giving at my house. I’m glad that Thanks Giving isn’t at my house this year. I don’t like guests, but I think I get it from my Grandma, she hates guests too.

With my past traumas, anytime I have people stay at my house for longer than a day I anticipate when they leave. I love my family, but at the same time, I am wary of them. But who isn’t wary of their family?

For the past few days, I have tried to understand this problem. But I realized that my nightmares are happening because Thanks Giving is near. That is the only reason I am having unnecessary anxiety causing my dreams to be weird.

When I figured this out about myself I thought how silly it is to worry about something that has yet to happen. I learned, to a degree, to control my anxieties and think positive about the future. So I am going to shake these weird dreams, anxiety, whatever they are, and move on.

It is hard to change your mindset, but it can be done. What I know for sure is that I will have a damn good Thanks Giving. I won’t hold myself back with all the negative thoughts.

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