Stop Your Compulsions. Do it like 1…2…3

When I realized what compulsions were it made me recognize what I was doing was related to my OCD. I knew that I needed something to help myself get better. I thought by recognizing what I was doing it would make it easier to stop, but it didn’t.

I became so aware of every time I washed my hands that I wondered if I was doing it right. So like any person who thinks they are doing something wrong, I decided to do it right. Before I knew it I would wash my hands about three times before feeling it was right. I have trouble talking about my compulsions because when I slip back into the habit it makes it seems as though I am not getting better.

The medicine does help, but one should not solely rely on the drugs alone. Learning why you need to stop and why compulsions are unnecessary can help you get better.

So I decided to do something to help people who struggle like me. I created my own compulsion journal that helps with managing compulsions. In this book I give your thirty days to open up and talk about what it really going on in your life.

This book is not a substitute for therapy. You should still see your therapist and discuss with them your OCD. This book is not going to help you stop your compulsions entirely.

As you read through, make sure you do every single day. After thirty days you can start over and it again and again as long as you want. Just download it here. Have fun with it.

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