The Insomnia Blues

For the best few nights sleep has been trouble for me. I was able to sleep all the time while I was taking my anxiety medicine consistently. It bothered me to sleep all day because I missed out on half of the day.

Ever since I began to come off my medicine I haven’t been able to sleep like I want to. Falling asleep by myself has always been a problem for me. I have to take two Benadryl and then try to force myself to settle down enough to fall asleep for eight hours without waking up.

For others it may seem easy to fall asleep, but not for me. I have figured out a system that works for me. I have only been trying it for a few days, but it seems to do the trick. I take two Benadryl, my anxiety medicine I have left, and a warm glass of milk and then try to fall asleep before twelve-thirty.

I will figure out something different soon, but until then I’m sticking with this method. My anxiety medicine has no side effects except for drowsiness. I take it when I feel like falling asleep.

So far I have gotten seven to eight hours of sleep every night. One day I will fall asleep at eleven and get more sleep.

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