Off the Meds (the road to recovery)

I have had ups and downs when it has come to my anti-depressant. One of my biggest upsets during my medicine taking days was my weight gain. Over the past year, I have gained thirty pounds, and it was a rollercoaster to try and get it off. I haven’t made much progress getting my weight down, but it’s getting there. I have had some good things happening within myself.

I haven’t been as hungry over the past few days and I haven’t been craving anything sweet. My psychiatrist agreed to let me come off my meds, so for the past few weeks, I have been in bliss. The withdraw symptoms were a problem until I began taking aspirin, and that helped a ton.

I had been on my anti-depressant and anxiety medicine for almost two years. Although it made me feel good emotionally, physically I was tired all the time and sleep all day. I was always hungry and my productivity was lower than ever.

For me, medicine was not a choice, and both my mom and therapist thought it would be best for me since I have OCD. I will say that even though my compulsions have been moderate, I still have compulsions. I don’t have break downs or freak out of the slightest thing going wrong.

All this happened over a year. I will be off my medicine for good in just a little while. But the smaller the doses go down the more I feel free.

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