I’m A Better Writer, Sorta

How do you know you’re passionate about something? When you’re passionate you focus more on a topic, hobby, or project than you would if just liked it. Do you have to like something to be passionate about it? Of course, you have to like whatever it is you are that you are passionate about. I am passionate about writing, telling stories, and letting people know my opinions because I believe it is fun. I have been writing for a long time and have learned several lessons that have pushed me to be a better writer. I learned the most lessons while I was posting fiction to a site called Quizilla that focuses on quizzes, polls, and writing. Quizilla was similar to Buzzfeed expect to run by horny, emo teenagers getting people to read their terrible fiction.

I was one of those teenagers trying to show people that I could write the next bestseller online. What I did not know was that I lacked a lot of skills to call any story I wrote a complete story. I wrote dialogue, but I was missing key details that could help people understand what was happening in the story. To be fair, I was new to writing, but I had read more than enough books to kind of know the format.

I was proud to post my first story and to get people to praise my writing and all my hard work. When someone finally commented on my work, it was critiquing me, telling me my story that my work sucked. I was hurt, and I wasn’t sure what that was supposed to mean, did I suck as a writer or did my story suck?

I later learned that the story was not up to par, but it didn’t hurt me less, but I didn’t stop writing. I continued to tell stories, and I continued to write about my thoughts and feelings because I was passionate about putting thoughts on paper. Every time someone critiqued me or told me I was not that good or that I could do better, I internalized it and made sure that I proved them wrong.

Now, internalizing your feelings are bad. I would never recommend that anyone internalize their feelings because it is very unhealthy and bad for your mental health. I find things that work for me and make me calm, and stick with it until someone tells me that it’s wrong. That’s another story that I will explain later because that is a long story within itself.

I can’t get away from writing no matter how hard I try, though I haven’t tried that hard. I don’t want to get away from writing, and I want to keep telling stories and inspiring people. I think back to my early Quizilla days and remembered how much I improved over the months I was writing.

I’m glad I got the good and the bad to help to push me. I am thankful for the bad that propelled me forward and kept me writing. I want to get better and better so later when I look back I can see where I came come.

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