How to Stay Healthy and Get Results

The health craze is far from over and if you are trying to squeeze a new lifestyle into your schedule it might be harder than it looks. How many articles have you read or T.V. segments have you watched that emphasized the need to live a healthier lifestyle? There have been many in the past decade and you will probably see more articles as we near the new year.

With so much information on healthy food and healthy living, you’d think that it would be easier to put down the chips and pick up the celery instead, but making the switch is far from easy for a few reasons and timing is everything.

Have you gotten on the exercise bandwagon and stopped abruptly? Well, it was probably because you weren’t doing it for the right reasons. When we want to see results we work for them, but when we don’t see instant results we stop. A lot of fitness gurus advertise that their product can change you in thirty days, but if it doesn’t happen in that amount of time or if we don’t see results in the first weeks we give up. The problem to this has a simple solution, get rid of all the glitz and glamour and focus on trying to be healthy; it’s hard when you are trying to get results.

As you attempt to change your lifestyle think of all the hardships that will take place. Sometimes hardship can be things like time, mindset, and money, with money being the main crutch. Don’t think about the negatives, but the positives that can come out of trying to live a better lifestyle. Although there will be some new changes to get used to, mindset is everything when making a lifestyle change. As far as making time for exercising and cooking it would be wise to make a schedule for when you want to cook and when you want to exercise.

It may seem easier living unhealthy than healthy and many times unhealthy food is easier to obtain and easier to make but cooking can be difficult to some and if you don’t know how to cook, you can be discouraged from continuing your new lifestyle. A great alternative is to sign up for Hello Fresh or Blue Apron meal box subscriptions that offer all the ingredients and instructions on how to cook your food.

They contain a few meals for the week for a set price. Signing up for a meal-subscription box makes it convenient to prepare meals at home and keeps you from having to make timely trips to the grocery store. If it’s too expensive to eat healthy for all your meals, you can eat healthy for dinner. This will at least allow you to have a start in the right direction so you can set yourself up for success at the beginning of your healthy lifestyle change.

Starting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that every day you will eat healthy food or that you will exercise. You have to gradually work your way into doing it every day. The best thing to do is to not overdo anything as you begin. Burn out is real and can affect your success versus pushing you forward. Quitting eating junk food cold turkey can also affect your health and cause withdraws that stop your progress. In theory, eating healthy is easy but once you start, it is completely possible to continue healthy eating habits because the side effects will diminish in time. 

While you are beginning your healthy lifestyle, don’t let other people discourage you from your success. Sometimes other people can get into your head and make you rethink everything that you’ve been doing Try to block them out. If you need help staying focused join fitness groups online to keep yourself motivated and positive thoughts in your head. Some of the best groups can be found on Facebook and fitness websites. People in those groups share the same struggles you do and can help you find solutions to your problems and give you the advice you didn’t think of before. If the groups are not enough, you can always sign up for a personal trainer. Be aware that personal trainers can be pricey, but they are worth it and push you to be the best you.

Healthy living is completely possible and has great and long-lasting benefits. Even though it may seem like hype right now, in the future your body will thank you for the healthy switch.

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