Why Water?

For the longest time, I didn’t drink water like I was supposed to. My excuses were far worse than the reason to actually drink water and water is actually good for you. My main reason for not drinking water was because my bladder was so small I would have to go to the bathroom at least twenty times more a day than I already do. That’s not a good excuse to not do something.

But when I drink water I feel healthier and better all around. I can’t tell you how much my skin improves as I drink at less two bottles a day. But sometimes I crave a Coke or something with sugar in it and push away water. I always eventually come back to it.

I remember when I was younger my mom would tell me all the bad things that would happen if I didn’t drink water. I believed her, but since I didn’t see the consequences immediately I stopped believing it would happen.
But the consequences shouldn’t be what drives a person to drink water. The benefits should make you want to.

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