NFL the Hero

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Imagine your home being flooded almost to the ceiling. Your favorite photos, clothes, knickknacks drowned from harsh rains and overfilled rivers. Your car is useless. Even if you could use it wouldn’t make it anywhere, the roads are blocked off. The fear of what to eat and where to sleep becomes a reoccurring thought. The frustration of trying to escape becomes a headache that not even the strongest prescription can rid. Even though you know that everything will be alright, the relief is not coming fast enough. But after all the heartache, you find people that are ready to end your struggle.

Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Houston in August affecting 13 million people and killing almost 100. The category 4 storm caused more than $125 billion worth of damage and left more than 100 thousand without homes. Even though recovery is a lifetime away, relief was a step closer. The NFL came in as Superman for Texas. The unexpected help was more than a publicity stunt it was an act of deep caring.

Different NFL teams showed their support by donating a sum of money to Harvey victims, with the Texas teams donating the most. The Houston, Texans and Dallas, Cowboys together gave a sum of $3.3 million. It wasn’t expected of NFL teams to show much support, but when people need help, it’s hard to watch them suffer. For most of the victims, they lost everything.

The “Lone Star State” was no longer alone. But out of all the people who supported, there was one player that stood out from all the rest, J.J. Watts. The Texan player helped raise $37 million. Watts went above and beyond to make sure Americans had the supply they needed to get by until things got back to consider normal. His original goal had been for $200 thousand. Instead, Watts obtained 200 thousand donors.

After receiving an overwhelming amount of support, the money was distributed to four different foundations that could farther take care of the needs of Texas. The NFL’s influence in aiding, nudged other sports leagues to want to help too. The MLB and its players joined and gave $1 million.

Losing everything is probably the most stressful thing to ever happen in life. The only relief is that there is nothing to worry about, but it is an oxymoron because there is everything to worry about. Money is the solution, but who has the money to replace everything? Donations are a successful Band-Aid to the hurt.

As houses and cars were submerged underwater, Chargers player’s went and brought food and supply. The kind acts were recorded and posted to social media, but none was done to look good. Deshaun Watson, who recently was drafted to the Texans, gave his entire first paycheck to NRG Stadium workers.

The NFL involvement was brought joy and thankfulness from fans. They likely gained fans they didn’t have before. But out of all the things that the NFL did, the showed American that they care about their fans and their country.

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