Ignoring the Number

For a long time, I had been obsessed with the number inside my clothes. I always needed to see a 5 or 7 to be satisfied and any number higher than that I wasn’t buying the item. I meant a woman who told me she wouldn’t buy anything higher than her size. I agreed with her until I realized something. Who else is looking inside my clothes other than me?

No one knows your size unless you tell them. When you obsess about what size you should be you miss out on having your clothes fit and feel right. Wearing clothes that aren’t the right size was something I’ve done for years just to say I’m a certain size. Here’s the deal, I have a figure and wearing clothes that are too tight don’t help.

I needed to wear my size and not the false size I tried to put myself in to. For the longest time, I needed a bigger size, and I was ashamed to be anything larger. But the less you care about what people think, the more you can enjoy your life. I have never been more fashionable.
I am now comfortable wearing my clothes instead of thinking people are staring at me because my clothes don’t fit right or something is too short. All my clothes are now perfectly fit me and I look good in them.

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