OCD? Not Much.

I was diagnosed with OCD over a year again. Since then I have changed a lot. I’ve been taking my meds every day and not skipping a day. I am happy to see the change in myself. I haven’t been as obsessed with the things I was obsessed with before.

I haven’t been cleaning as much, by which I mean over-cleaning. My urge for cleaning is becoming closer to normal. I haven’t been anxious or overly anxious. I am learning to relax and calm down knowing everything will be alright.

I have taken a break from therapy and applying my coping skills to anxiety raising situations. I know therapy is important to healing, but I was tired of going, I had been going for over a year. My therapist understood this and so did my mom.

I knew that I was changing when my mom mentioned that she noticed something different. She is the main one that lets me know when I was going overboard, but so far she hasn’t mentioned anything.

Changing takes a while and it’s not something that happens overnight. You have to work for it and know that it will get better even if you feel at your lowest.


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