Going On Vacation

I’m excited to go on vacation, especially since I haven’t been in two years. Sometimes you need to be someplace else other than home, and home can be nice but sometimes you need change. I have been dying to get to a beach and see the crystal waters.

The beaches in the Carribean are way nicer than the ones I visited on the coast of Georgia. The beaches here are awful and don’t even measure up to the ones that I’ve been to while cruising.

The first thing I want to do when I go down to Florida is to eat. I love food and it gets me in trouble, but it can be so good. The next thing I going to do is go to a Florida beach. I have never been to the beach in Florida but I heard that they are alright.

After that, I going to get some more food and get ready to get on the cruise ship. I will also do anything else I want to squeeze in in a day. Like I want to smell that nice fresh sea air and other stuff.

I’m so excited to leave, there is just so much that I’m going to do!

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