Quality Control

Let’s talk about quality and how it doesn’t exist anymore. I have bought clothes from many stores some of which a shirt is more than ten dollars. With that being said over the years I noticed a gradual change throughout retails stores, most of the changes are the quality. In most of the stores, the prices are pretty much the same.

Abercrombie & Fitch still has t-shirts for 18-20 dollars, but the shirts are not made the same. My older Abercrombie shirts are thicker and last longer they didn’t get holes until after the four wash not the first. M new shirts are thinners and don’t feel as nice on my skin.

I don’t know whether or not they realize their consumers notice. I definitely did. I can no longer keep my clothes for years on end anymore. Abercombie wasn’t the only company I noticed that had changed quality. 

Victoria’s Secret is by far the worse I had noticed so far. My underwear rip at on tug and the bras are not as comfortable nor do they hold up. The money paid for these items is not worth it. Although these companies get you with their advertisement, they play into throw away culture.

I wish that we could have the type of quality that our parents experienced, but it seems that we are leaving those days. Actually, we already left.

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