Being Mom Jr.

As I got older I started to have to not only take care of myself but other members of my family too. It’s not anything serious, but with age comes responsibility. As a young adult, my mom gave me the task of taking care of my younger brother who is now eighteen. I didn’t realize that I would have to go to parent-teacher conferences, take him to appointments and feed him and he eats a lot.

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Although it may have not seemed like it, I was actually doing mom stuff. I didn’t think I would get that type of experience until I had my own children, but it came a little earlier. But being a mom is different from adulting. When you are a mom, you have to take care of everyone in your family, while adulting you only take care of yourself.

Adulting is actually a little easier, but moming, allows you to get all the experience of taking care of people. This also involves taking care of my dad and making sure that he gets his meals too. Sometimes I have to make them and I don’t mind because my dad can’t cook.

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But the older I get I don’t mind having to take care of people. Every so often I get to be a mom to my mom and I’m sure that it makes her proud. She always took the best care of me and my family.

When you really love to care for people, you don’t get annoyed when someone asks you to do something. It makes you feel happy to care for people.

Caring for people may not be natural for everyone and I thought it wouldn’t be for me. I didn’t think I could ever feed my entire family from stuff I found in the fridge.

I hope as I get other I can become even better at doing things for my family. I mean what would my brother do if he didn’t have me to do laundry?

I have taken on the job of teaching him how to do laundry and to sort laundry. It may not seem like a big deal, but they are important life skills that I have been thought that I taught to my brother.

That seems like a lot, but that is moming. And I love the word moming; it means to do mom things. Although some people may not start moming until they have their first child adulting is also a good start.

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