Spreading Love With a Sword in Your Back

I can say from experience that loving people regardless is the hardest commandment in the bible to follow. It requires turning the other cheek a lot even when someone has scorn you. I have hurtful memories from people I haven’t seen in years and people who are close to me. Believe it or not, just because I’m a follower of Christ doesn’t mean the memories just disappear.

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I wish they could, but here’s the thing, you are always going to have something in your head you don’t want. What makes loving people regardless hard, is when you have a spirit of revenge like I do. It’s something that God is helping me with and I am getting better, but I have the urge to make sure I get people back before I move on to forgiving them.

This in no way is the Christ way of doing things, but sometimes the flesh takes over and you want to people to hurt the way they hurt you or push them down a flight of stairs, or repeatedly hit them over and over. These thoughts are not good and I’ve been convicted several times. I was even convicted of these things before I truly understood God.

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

Love is something all humans crave and I don’t mean sexual relationships, because a lot of people confuse sex and love. Sex does not equal love. The love that humans crave is for someone to be there and care for them and support them when they need it.

As humans, we tend to love with a stipulation attached. We love as long as everything is going right in our favor, not in theirs. That’s not how love works and that is not the way God asked us to love. Our heavenly Father loves us regardless of what we do wrong and as his children, we do a lot of wrongs. But no matter what we do, He will always love us.

I sometimes wonder how He does this because if I were God, I would have wiped out the world and started over again. God is more merciful than that and I thank Him for it every day.

To understand how to love when we have been wronged we have to look at our own lives. How many times have we hurt someone and begged for forgiveness and hoped for that person to move on?

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When I was little I got in trouble with my mom she was upset with me and I didn’t like the feeling. I would curl up under her until she forgave me. The feeling of rejection hurts and it can affect you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As you look back at your life and see how many times you’ve asked for forgiveness you start to have less of a hard heart. Sometimes God reveals things to us slowly and loving people regardless was something I struggled with and still struggle with. But here’s the thing, you can change. You don’t have to hate people forever, it takes to much energy to hate. Besides loving someone can have a positive impact on not just their life but your’s too.

7 thoughts on “Spreading Love With a Sword in Your Back

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