When I Got My Wisdom Teeth Pulled

So I had my wisdom removed, this should have been super exciting for me because my mouth was sore and my gums began to soften for the breakthrough. From my x-rays, I thought that I could keep at least two of them with my bottom set of teeth. I wanted to be one of the few people that had their wisdom teeth lurking in the back of my mouth. But I wanted my teeth gone because I wasn’t going to spend another year in braces. I wanted my teeth extracted when I was sixteen but my mother was afraid that the procedure would be costly. She was drawing from her past experiences.

When she had her teeth removed at twenty-two she paid $1800 out of pocket. But there was something about surgery that made me nervous. I had never been under; well at least not with my knowledge. My first surgery was when I was four, but I didn’t remember it. The reason behind the surgery was an umbilical hernia. But as I said before I didn’t remember it. Now at twenty years old, I was shaking in my boots to have to go under for an hour and a half to remove four teeth that serve no purpose.

My mother assured me I had nothing to worry about and that going under was going to be the best sleep I ever had. I wasn’t thinking about sleep as much I was thinking about what my mouth would feel like afterward.

I couldn’t use straws and I always used straws. My front teeth were sensitive so I used straws to ease the sensitivity to cold and heat. It pissed me off over time I wanted to bit ice cream, but I learned to deal with it. But my mom told me everything will be all right. My surgery wasn’t going to be until the twentieth of June and it was June seventh. When I say I can worry. I am so good at it.

The night before my surgery I was sucking water through my new super cute and totally cheap plastic cup. My nerves set in about ten that night. My head pounded and my I wanted to vomit but madly wanted to keep my hydration. So that night I not only used the bathroom like four times, but I keep myself awake with the worries of having surgery. The procedure was very routine and was only going to last only an hour or so, but I had my fear.

I wasn’t thirsty the next day, which was a relief because somehow in my head I couldn’t fathom the fact that I couldn’t eat or drink after midnight because of my recent late night snacking habits. I recently enjoyed munching on Wavy Lay’s with a bit of dip on the side or a marshmallow treat every night because they are just really good. But on this night I was stuffing my face with dinner that catered to my father on Father’s Day. As my mouth chewed uncontrollably and my soda have full was not going to satisfy not being able to chew right until about week later. But I knew it was worth it to have the pain from my wisdom teeth pushing through to be gone than to ruin over $4000 on ortho work on my teeth. I was never getting again. They were hell in my mouth and I wouldn’t want to go through it again. Even with that being said my teeth came out perfect and any and every dentist reminds as I bless them with my pearly whites.

My mother told me there was nothing to worry about and I began to believe just a little bit. When I got to the office I had to sign my life away, just you do in any surgery. A waiver is how they politely word it and discuss all the traumatic incidents that can go wrong during the surgery. I read each one and tried to imagine if they had to pull more than just my wisdom teeth out.  So after waiting for about twenty minutes in the waiting room, I began to let go of all my nerves. I really wanted to sleep because I didn’t do much of that the night before. Most of my night involved worry. 

So when I got to the operating room I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I sat in the chair that is almost standard to most dentist.

I couldn’t cross my legs and had to sit back. The nurse put the patches on my chest for the heart monitor. She placed one on my chest and another on my arm. She placed a blue cape on me and placed my hair in a net. She told me that she was going to leave and she was going to start my tourniquet. She also tacked on that I was going to be waiting in the room for about an hour or more before she gave me the drugs.

“Do you know what that.” She asked and looked me right in my eyes.

“Yeah,” I said. But I wasn’t one hundred percent sure but didn’t care to ask. I sat back and stared at the mounted tv. I really want to watch something interesting, but they turned on A Cinderella Story. It was the third one with Selena Gomez. She was still in her innocent Disney phase and I was sure that she could pass for twelve. I started to fall asleep, but I couldn’t force myself. I was anxious.

I watched the nurse walk back and forward and come in and out of the room. When my nurse came back she gave me oxygen. Later another nurse came and placed a cover over the tubes. I remember having to pee again and after going the first time. I was too far to go back so I had to think of ways to not go. I could feel that my bladder was full or was filling up. I focused on Selena Gomez and the ways her music had changed since she stopped being a Disney goodie goodie.

It was a while before the nurse came back with the doctor. The doctor and I had a quick chat before the nurse was telling me they were putting me to sleep. As I relaxed and closed my eyes, I realized I wasn’t asleep but heavily subdued. I heard part of their conversation and at one point asked to see my tooth. I remember it being white and that was all. After the surgery, I was put in recovery. They keep asking me questions about ice cream. It wasn’t a lot, but I didn’t want to talk. They gave me strawberry ice cream to take home and after recovery, I was wheeled outside and my mom helped me into the car. The whole thing was cake and my worries disappeared. The only thing I had to deal with is recovery and that sucked. I couldn’t eat anything! But rest assured it only took me a week to get better.

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