The Groans and Aches of Broken Bones

I was six years old and leaning back in my green plastic kiddie chair in the living room watching evening cartoons with my little brother when I broke my wrist. I screamed and ran into my mom’s room with my floppy limb in my hands and I recall her saying, “I told you!”

I had been told to not lean back in the chair, but it was fun and I never realized I had been doing it unless she said something to me about it. As a young child, I listened enough to get her off my back and then proceeded to do it again when she wasn’t in the room.

To be exact, I fell backward in the chair and landed on my wrist. Though the story I told when I was six, was way more entertaining than the actual story. I was proud to tell my story although thinking back it was very silly.

I would tell people how I fell backward and hit my wrist on the suitcase that was in the living room and it’s handling and then something else and then the floor. I didn’t care what people thought about the story, it was mine and I was sticking to it. To every adult I told it too it made no sense, but it made sense to me.

I felt like I survived some brutal attack or came back from a war. I was six after all and my imagination was wild and creative and I enjoyed telling people what happened to me. As I got older I realized that I was being silly, but I was known for that and it was my reputation as a kid and still is now.

The problem is that after I’d broke my wrist and it healed fabulously, by the way, that part of my body was never the same. Every so often my bones ache and I groan in pain trying to figure out how to get it to stop.

The after pain has been a problem for a while and easing it hard on rainy days. I don’t know why it’s a thing, but that’s a thing, but my bones are always sorer during bad weather than at any other time.

According to The Weather Channel as Barometric Pressures and humidity change, your brain gets affected and changes how it blocks pain. It’s more than annoying, but you can’t help how your brain reacts, but you can take Alieve to ease the pain. The pain only lasts a little while, but I hate being in pain.

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