Dating Isn’t Easy

When I was younger, I was a little more patient with putting up with guys from my past.  As I get older I want to move on to a bigger, brighter, better, future. Not to say that these guys are not great, but not great for me. I have gone back and forward with one guy for a year and I was tired of him.

We weren’t friends, and we weren’t a couple and he was always trying to control me. I remember when we talked he asked if I had a boyfriend. I didn’t, but that wasn’t his business, but he was always concerned about my love life although he claimed he didn’t want to be with me.

But I’m dealing with another guy who for some reason made his way back into my DMs. The sad part is he keeps talking to me as if we have been friends for years. I haven’t spoken to him in years and didn’t think much about him.

I think my problem is that I’m too nice. I can’t turn men down like I want to, but I mentioned this before. But going backward isn’t good for anyone especially when that person you are going backward for is not up to standard.

I’m not stupid, I know that I’m not the only girl these guys are talking too, but they make me seem like the only one. These are not good guys although they pretend to be around me. I refuse to be anyone’s side-chick or date a cheater.

But another thing is I really don’t know these people anymore and I’ve changed since I’ve met them. It’s okay to move on pass people and find new friends that are better for you and elevate you. But guys who want you for a quickie isn’t doing it for me. I prefer to have someone who cherishes me, and not cherishes getting in my panties.

If they really liked me like they say they do, they would have stayed in connect with me instead of off dropping me as soon as something shiny and new came along. I’m bothered that they decided to come back more so than them leaving in the first place.

But I don’t seek that type of attention. I don’t have tons of guys in my DMs. Nor do I want too, I will never be that type of person, I don’t want that drama in my life.

Once I made an excuse that I had something to do, I felt bad because I had said no. I messaged him back to tell him why I really turned him down, I didn’t want to hang out with him. I felt bad for rejecting him, but at the same time, I’m not obligated to hang out with him.

I didn’t know why I just couldn’t reject him the first time, but  I feel bad for telling men no. I know that I shouldn’t but I do. It’s something I know I will have to work on, but I shouldn’t date every guy that slips into my DMs.

I deserve to have a special man in my life and not just someone who will be a waste of time.

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