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Throw Back Days

As I sat in my bed I decided to put on a familiar movie that I knew would make me happy. I went old school and by old school, I mean Spy Kids. I knew it was something that would make me happy.

I remember watching the movies when I was a kid and loved imagining what it would be like to be a spy although in real like it would be a pain.

Spy Kids is something I hadn’t seen in years and watching it I thought that maybe it would feel brand new, but I found myself reciting lines like I had just watched it the day before. There was something comforting about reliving this part of my childhood. It felt safe and good. Every time I was watching the movies everything was good and I was having a normal childhood.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to relive a few things from the past. I don’t do it often, but when I do I go all out. I even had some Oreos that made a great snack while I was enjoying the movie.

I will say that the things I enjoyed as a kid sometimes need to stay where they are, in the past. Not everything needs to be brought up again or relived. For starters, I don’t want to drink Kool-Aid or Kool-Aid jammers because that was all sugar.

But sitting in my bed and twirling my hair in between my fingers and watching tv until I fall asleep in more than alright with me. Although I can’t relive my childhood the small things that remind me of it are alright.


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