Six Flags

For the first time in many years, my family and I went to Six Flags during the summer. Of course, it was hot and my sweaty back drenched my entire t-shirt and my feet ached from not wearing the right shoes. But that was all apart of the fun.

My dad called me at eleven in the morning to go on a spontaneous trip to Six Flags. We had been during Christmas time, but that was a completely different experience. I decided not to dread it being hot, because it was June.

After a fabulous lunch at Wendy’s, we were off to Six Flags and were more hyped than ever. I was excited. I wanted to get on a few rides, at the same time just want around and get my steps in. My mom was prone to motion sickness, so I worried if she was going to be okay with getting on rides.

She wore her motion-sickness bands that helped a lot, but not too much because, after a Harley Quinn ride in Gotham City, she was done. I didn’t blame her, I was also a little dizzy from a previous ride. But my mom had gotten on three other rides before and I was more than proud of her.

Both my parents avoided the newest ride that took you fifty feet in the air. Thrilling as it was there were more rides I had wanted to get on and while my family got funnel cake and turkey legs I decided to get on two more rides by myself.

I enjoyed myself although my parents were tuckered out after four rides. They were ready to go home and get some rest. I didn’t blame them because as soon as I got home I crashed really hard, but it was worth it.

The next time I go to Six Flags, I’m getting on more roller coasters.

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