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That Annoying Guy From Years Ago.

Over the years I have learned that guys are weird. I have dealt with many different guys. Like I’m still getting messages from a guy I used to go out with while in middle school and he tries to talk to me on Facebook. The worst part is that he is married and has been for a few years. I haven’t had an in-person conversation with him since freshman year of high school.

Guys are complicated and personally have me in no rush to have a boyfriend. But this guy I’m about to tell you about is more than a headache.

When I stopped talking to this one guy I expected him to disappear, but he didn’t. He played it off that he didn’t like me anymore, but that wasn’t the case. When I called it off it was for all the right reasons. He carried a lot of baggage and to be honest I did too.

I thought he was perfect for a first boyfriend. He went to church and my parents knew him and liked him. But going to church doesn’t make someone a perfect boyfriend. He wasn’t exactly Christian even if he was raised in the church,

A few times I spoke with him it felt as though he was hinting that he had had sex and was potentially still interested, but I wasn’t. I avoided spending time with him alone because the time we did it was awkward.

When I broke up with him it was a relief. I knew that we had no chemistry when he kissed me for the first time. I didn’t ask for the kiss. He was forward and I didn’t appreciate it. I didn’t feel anything between us and when he tried to make out with me I didn’t enjoy it.

I think he wanted a physical relationship, but relationships are more than just sex. What I learned from him is to not get into a relationship just because a guy is cute. He was cute, at the time, but his bad breath and lack of hygiene was a major turn off.

I thought he would leave me alone after we had this huge fight over the phone, but I was wrong. He continued to contact me, but I ignored him. I ignored him for three years until he decided to get in contact with me.

I made the stupid mistake of answering his text. He was trying to get back into my life, but I didn’t let him in. I blocked his number and hoped he would leave me alone.

He didn’t. He still speaks to me through social media. I still ignore him. I personally think he still likes me, but he won’t admit it. I mean why else would he follow me on Instagram?

I want an honest guy that isn’t a creepy stalker. Apparently, certain guys, that’s hard to ask. Maybe the problem is that I’m around boys. I need a man. Just not right now.


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