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I’m a Loner

I’m a loner. I’ve been this way for a while and it may come as a surprise to most people. I only ever talk to people when I’m in social settings. When I was in college I talked to people every day. It was also to help to keep away the drama and to stay entertained. But once I got out of school I didn’t want to talk to people anymore.

I thought I wanted friends. I really thought hanging out with people would help, but I find myself wanting to go home or not wanting to hang out at all.

I like my time and being in a place with people bring me no joy. It can be fun to an extent, but not really. I used to think to be a loner was a bad thing, but it’s actually fabulous. I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s drama. All I have to do is worry about me.

After I got out of college I was relieved to be by myself. I just wanted to relax with my thoughts. That sounds bad, but it feels great. Over the years I was in school I meant people that were horrible.

katy-belcher-674803-unsplash I have meant nice people too, but we didn’t click. Honestly, you are not going to click with everyone. And some people are very strange and you will never understand them.

I wish I had known this earlier, it would have saved me headache after headache, but you live and you learn. I will give a little advice. You can never truly figure out a person. You can try and try, but it’s not worth the effort.

Also when someone shows you their true self, don’t ignore it. Avoid them and cut them out of your life. Some of the most toxic people have been there since the beginning. Being alone can be good if you are surrounded by people who don’t have your best interest in mind.


So I will be a loner because being surrounded by a ton of people doesn’t make me happy. But being a loner doesn’t make me weird, it’s just my personality.

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