A Day in the Life

I don’t comb my hair.

Here’s a fun fact about me. I don’t comb my hair. Weird right? I don’t like to do it, especially when I first get my hair down because it was just done. I tend to just put my bonnet on and just let my hair sit. I do this all day unless I leave the house. Then if I need my hair combed I finger comb it or do a hair flip.

I’m not interested in hair. My mom does hair for a living and she is the only reason I worry about my hair as often as I do. I know that my hair needs to be moisturized and off my shoulders to prevent breakage, but that’s about it. When my hair is combed right, nine times out of ten my mom has done it. Yes, there is a way to comb your hair wrong.

I comb my hair wrong often, but I don’t care. I have never really cared about hair. I don’t do my hair nor do I want to do others. I know as much as I do because my mom educated me well enough. I could take a test on hair and actually pass.

But I couldn’t tell you how to comb your hair. I don’t comb my hair.

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