Things That Bother Me Badly

When Allergies Attack

I have suffered with allergies all my life so it isn’t a big deal to be congested or to sneeze a ton. I’ve been doing it since I was little. I personally hate when pollen comes to stick around because that’s when everything goes down hill for me.

I would rather just have a three day cold than to have allergies for weeks on end. I mean feel like I’m sick, but I’m not. But I have decided to hide in the house. It does absolutely nothing expect not expose me to more pollen.

There isn’t enough medicine I can take to make myself feel better. I was actually doomed for the start. My my grandmothers on both sides have bad allergies and even my great grandmother on my mother’s side.

I guess a girl can’t pick her DNA. I wish I could find some stronger medicine because I can’t keep blowing my nose. I’m running out of tissue.

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