Water is Good for You

For the longest time, I refused to drink water because it tastes like nothing. I always wanted a soda or kool-aid or just something sweet. Sweet drinks taste good and go well with food. There is nothing like a good meal with a Coke on the side. I refused to drink water because not only was there no taste, but it made me have to pee so bad.

I knew that these were not valid excuses for not drinking water. Water needs to be in our body. God made it that way and I have to accept that fact that even though it may be tasteless it is good for the body.

I’ve learned that water is most refreshing after exercise. There is nothing like drinking a cold bottle after a workout. If there is a hot day outside, water is great to cool off your body. Although a Coke would be nice, you are likely to be thirsty afterward. Not very beneficial. I learned that the hard way after playing sports.

I didn’t start drinking water until I was an adult and wished I had done it before. Water cleared my acne and helped with other health problems. I would shout it to the rooftops if I could. Water is good for you! Stop drinking so many sweet drinks. Do it before it’s too late!

Check out this other article I wrote on water!


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