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The Best Part of Prom

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Prom is like a teenage girl’s Met Gala. Between a fancy dress, dramatic makeup, and an extravagant photo op, prom is an all-around unforgettable event. While almost everything about this once-(or twice, for me) in-a-lifetime event is great, only one part can be the BEST.

Personally, I love the getting-ready process. The final look is always wonderful, of course, but the anticipation built up to it? Unmatchable. If you’re like me, you’re not a master cosmetologist or a celebrity makeup artist. Sometimes, letting someone else glam you up is the best route to go. Also, it’s a great chance to relax and get pampered.

Getting my hair, nails, and makeup done makes me feel like an actual princess. And being that I can’t see what I look like until my stylist is finished, I can only wait with butterflies in my stomach. Although I only patronize those that I trust, a girl can’t help but be anxious while waiting to see her new look.

Even still, sitting in a chair, knowing that I’m going to smile from ear to ear when I finally get a look in the mirror makes prom even better. The thoughts of my family and friends’ smiles when they see me in full effect have me trying so hard not to squirm in the beauty chair.

I HAVE to give my stylist a great tip; I can’t sit still. But I can’t help it! I get so excited. I spend hours on making sure I look the best I’ve ever looked before I step out. I love getting glammed so much that I wake up at ten a.m. for a seven p.m. event. Prom is like a single step below a wedding. Why not go all out? The most essential part of prom, to me, is the look. And the best part about the look is getting it done, which makes this my absolute favorite part of prom. If you had to choose the best part about prom, what would it be?



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