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Auntie Anne’s Top 5 Pretzels

If people knew what wonderful treats pretzels were and what joy they can bring to the world, they would be more appreciative of pepperoni pretzels. But for the sake of all pretzel lovers, this will be a list of the best pretzels. Not just any pretzels. I am talking about the ones from the famous Auntie Anne’s. I will start with five and work my way up to one.

5. Orignal

The Original is just that. It is a plain pretzel with just salt. I know I’m making it sound basic, but that is because it is. The pretzel only has salt on it. The best part is if you have hypertension you can get it without salt. This pretzel is nostalgic more than anything. But it does pair well with any of the eight dipping sauces. Or if you really want to be nostalgic ask the cashier for just plain mustard for your original snack. Yum!

4. Cinnamon Sugar

This pretzel is sweet! Well, it is covered in sugar, but man it is tasty. Once the sweet little crystals get on your fingers, you can lick them off. Don’t be ashamed. They want you to do that. Just like they want you to ask for the Sweet Glaze Dip to make it even sweeter. You know you want to lick this pretzel. 

3. Pepperoni

The pepperoni is just like a twisted pizza. The only thing that is missing is the sauce, but you can ask for that on the side. You might even want to get creative and dip it in caramel or cheese sauce. Either way, the pepperoni will send your taste buds to heaven, and you’ll have no regrets. You can dip it or eat it plain. Have it your way, but just remember that you’re not at BK.

2. Raisin

Raisins by themselves are boring, and their texture is weird. Raisins in pretzels are a nice addition to something that was already perfection. The raisins are not too sweet and make the pretzel savory. Unlike the Cinnamon Sugar which is pure sugar, it doesn’t make you feel like you swallowed a mouth full of sugar. And this pretzel can be considered healthy. It has fruit in it. 

1.Sweet Almond

This little slice of heaven is both crunchy and sweet. The crunch is addicting and makes you want to take more bites. The best thing about this pretzel is that the dipping sauces enhance the flavor, at least the sweet dips. For this one, I wouldn’t try the marinara dip, unless it’s your style. Almonds are great, but they are even better on a pretzel.

This is my list of the best pretzels from Auntie Anne’s. The worst part about this is that I had to rate the pretzels. They are all delicious and crafted perfectly. After reading the rankings, is your list the same?

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