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Don’t Get an Expensive Wedding Dress

As I was searching for prom dresses for my cousin I can across wedding dresses that I thought were gorgeous. They were what I pictured my perfect wedding dress to be. Simple elegant and something that I could feel beautiful in.

Most women take a while to find the best dress for her wedding day. The bride in her dress is the centerpiece of her wedding. So, of course, she has to pick the perfect dress.

As I got older I realized my tastes were changing, and my wedding dreams were becoming less expensive. I thought that wedding dresses were about $13,000, but I was completely wrong. That was the price for a designer dress and frankly, they weren’t all that.

Designer dresses were pretty, but not that pretty to almost go into debt. I would only wear the dress once because who were their wedding dress more than one time? No seriously, who does that? What I’m saying is that to only wear the dress for a few hours for only about 100 people to see you in, there is no point in wasting a ton of money.

As a little girl, I wanted the Vera Wang dress and 300 wedding guests and a large reception hall with an open bar and a DJ that would play all night. Not anymore. If I have 50 people at my wedding I will still be married. As long as my husband can’t take his eyes off me then who cares about the designer?

No one has to know the name of your dress. There were dresses that were under $500 that looked incredible. You don’t have to buy an expensive wedding dress. Keep your wedding simple and stress-free. You won’t be any less married.

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