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You Should Be Getting Waterless Pedicures

Pedicures can be unsanitary. A lot of times when you go to nail salons the first thing you see are tubs to stick your feet in. Though the water feels good, there is a ton of bacteria that gets trapped in the tub. Gross to think about it, but it’s the truth. The only solution to avoid this is to get waterless pedicures.

Waterless pedicures are a more sanitary and healthy way to care for your feet. With waterless pedicures there is no need to worry rather or not your technician has cleaned the footbath that has been used by many customers before.

People with medical conditions are less at risk to contact infections. Footbaths may feel nice, but as you soak your feet, you are at letting them sit in harmful bacteria. Waterless pedicures protect your feet from these bacteria and reduce your chances of getting foot fungus. If you have foot fungus you should consider getting this kind of treatment.

Stay sanitary, look into waterless pedicures!

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