Café My Kitchen

When I went to New Orleans, I didn’t get to experience the famous Café Du Monde. For starters, my family and I couldn’t find it. So we still got beignets, but at the jazz-centered Café Beignet.

I wasn’t up in arms about where we got the beignets from; I just wanted to try one. I had read the reviews and the comments from N.O. natives saying that Café Du Monde is the best thing since a slice of bread, but after a search on Trip Advisor, Morning Call was just as good or even better. The reviews for Café Beignet were not too far off. So I think it’s personal preference. 

After trying a beignet for the first time, I was set on having one again. But this was close to impossible because I live in Georgia and New Orleans is well over six hours away. I looked up recipes, but it was more trouble than it was worth.

So, to satisfy my craving, I decided to do what most Millennials my age do. I searched Amazon for some beignet mix and got it in a couple of days.

My first attempt at creating beignets was an epic fail, but after help from my mom I was able to create my own large beignets (the first ones I made with her was so tiny and tasted alright.) I added a ton of powdered sugar because what is beignets without powdered sugar? They tasted fantastic.

There really isn’t much to the mix than to just water. I made mine fabulously and managed to not make them hollow on the inside. Honestly, they should cook less than a minute. Frankly, I eyed the mix. The instructions on the back can make a good beignet, but I treat it like Hungry Jack pancake mix. Wing it.  

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