5 Ways to Get Your Nails Done

Long gone are the days of just getting your nails with pink and white. Even lines and stripes are so nineties. We are in the twenty-first century, it’s time to spice up the looks. There are so many possibilities now and with the right nail tech, you can have a range of designs and shapes on your nails. Here is a list of ways to get your nails done!

1. Get any of your favorite characters.

If you get any character painted onto your nails, you will have someone come up to you all the time. Well for the best reasons. You have something on your nails no one else has. Make sure your nail tech is skilled at painting otherwise, you will have something really basic.

2. Get something with some flare.

(Photo by nailsbyraybaby)

You don’t have to get a solid color anymore. You can get multiple colors. And pink and white, how about you mix it up with silver and pink. Express yourself through your nails!

3. Don’t be a square.

(Photo by nailsbyraybaby)

No longer do you need to get square nails. That’s done for. Step up your game and get something different like coffin or stilettos. Make your nails stand out. Don’t be scared to get a new shape. Also, don’t get round nails either; round is played out too. Move on to the new side of nail shapes.

4. Bling it out.

(Photo by nailsbyraybaby)

Shiny nails are the best nails. Adding some bling will make you flash your nails more than you ever have before. You can get a little bit of bling or a lot of bling. The crystals don’t have to be silver, they can be pink, gold, or any other color you want.

5. Go back to the classics.

(Photo by nailsbyraybaby)

So, can’t let go of pink and white? Well go ahead and get it, but jazz it up. Pink and white can be so much different than its original form. You can change the shape and add crystals. You don’t have to copy the original, but you can be inspired by it.

Have any other nail styles you like? Comment below!


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