Move On From Fake Friends

I remember when I graduated high school I thought I would have my besties for life. I had an idea in my head that they would never leave me because I had known them for four years and some of them even more. It was clear that I was living in a fantasy that was never going to last. 

I wanted to share that knowledge with the world. High school friends are sometimes just that. I wanted so bad to tell my cousin, but she was still in high school and that would have burst her bubbl. So I kept my mouth shut only giving her simple advice about how to deal with fake people. But when the time was right I knew that she would be ready to receive the advice.

She eventually told me how she lost a friend.

It hurts when you find out your friends are just using you or don’t care about you at all. It’s hurtful, but at the same time, it’s a life lesson. There should be no reason to have to take losing friends as a negative. Even though it feel awful when it happens.

I’ll tell you this. Don’t be afraid to make friends, but be wary of the people who are around you. The friends you have right now, may not be the people who you are around later on.

Don’t feel stupid if this has happened to you. It happens to a lot of people, they just don’t admit it.

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