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Children’s Movies Are Good For the Soul

There is no secret in my house that when you find me watching tv you will find me watching a kid flick. I used to be embarrassed to admit I used to watch them, but then I thought, forget it. Who really cares?

I think everyone has something that they do from their childhood they don’t want to admit. But I’m going to get honest here. I sometimes actually prefer to watch them in my free time, though I will not pay for them at the theaters, not even Disney.

I like to watch them on Netflix and YouTube. I like to read the comments and how these flicks make people feel today. I normally turn movies on while I’m working or when I’m about to go to sleep.

There is more imagination in kid’s movies than there are in adults. Adult movies focus too much on reality and to be frank I feel movies should be an escape from it. I mean you can still laugh and have fun with movies made for adults, but it’s not the same.

Adult humor focuses mainly on sex, relationships, and politics. If I wanted to constantly be reminded of the things going on in the world I would get on Twitter. So to the kid side of Netflix.



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